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May 10th Meeting - Qt on Android

Lloyd Moore presenting On Qt and Android

We held our May meeting at the Bothell Public Library. Our meeting started at 6 PM with dinner and great conversation as members trickled in.

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First QtSea meeting

Our first user group meeting was held on February, 16 at the Kingsgate Libary in Kirkland.

There we had the pleasure to be introduced to QtQucik by Alan Ezust.

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March Meeting - QT Object model

Alan Presenting on Qt Object model

Our March meeting was held on March 16 at the Kingsgate library.

Alan Fletcher discussed the benefits of using the Qt Object model. He went over topics such as memory management, signals and slots, properties and class self-knowledge.

A copy of the presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.


May Meeting - Qt Designer, good conversations, and Pizza

Our May meeting was on the subject of Qt Designer.

The meeting started with introductions and pizza.  Pizza Hut didn't provide any cups or plates so we made due with paper plates.  We're a new group still so the informality of it all helped break the ice and people started getting to know each other a little better.  While eating pizza we took a quick look at YouTube videos of the new Nokia N900 Meego device.

Alan Ezust of ICS came down from Vancouver and presented a 1 hour talk on the basics of Qt Creator and gave a good example of creating a UI with Qt Designer.  It was an interactive session that led to several side conversations including how to use Qt Designer to create UIs for use with Python/QtPy.  The slides from the talk and source code will be posted to the website soon.

After Alan's talk, we spent some time discussing what to do next month.  I proposed three topics:

- Qt and Location Services (maps, GPS, etc)

- Install Fest to get everyone up and running with Qt Creator

- Introduction to QtPy:  Qt's Python bindings

The group decided that we'd like to do an "Install-fest" and to also start working on projects together in a "hackfest" type of environment.  This will allow us to get our hands on the keyboard and really learn something while also working towards some sort of common goal.  Next month we'll focus on getting everyone's development environment up and running with QtCreator, do a Hello World application, and then work on the labs from some of our previous talks or discuss what sort of project we might want to work on together.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, thanks to Nokia for the Pizza, and thanks to Alan Ezust for making the trip down from Canada to give a great talk!